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The ICVS provides services to the general and clinical communities. The external services were implemented from the knowledge developed in the context of the ICVS research activities and were recently expanded, with the establishment of a Molecular Diagnostics Service (SDM) fully equipped for molecular diagnostics.

During the past years, the ICVS provided to Health Care Institutions genetic diagnostics of intellectual disability-related disorders (a panel of genes from chromosome X including Fragile X syndrome genes) and Rett Syndrome (screening of mutations in the MECP2, CSDKL5 and FOXG1 genes). Following the latest guidelines in the clinical/genetic diagnostics of developmental disorders, the SDM also offers array comparative genomic hybridization (aCGH) service for the screening of microdeletions and duplications of chromosomic regions.

Additionally, the ICVS has been providing services to the industry at the international level, through confidential research contracts. As examples of services provided to the pharmaceutical industry, the ICVS has performed drug screening in the context of neurological/psychiatric disorders and has developed a protocol for the improvement of umbilical cord stem cells bio-banking.

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