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In January 2012, the “Clinical Academic Centre – Braga, Association” (2CA-Braga) was formally established, illustrating the ICVS purpose of developing innovative collaborations with the institutions providing health care in the Minho region. The 2CA-Braga aims to foster clinical and translational research in the context of health care services, particularly with the capacity to accommodate clinical trials.

Therefore, the ICVS develops clinical research trough the 2CA-Braga, in partnership with the Hospital de Braga, including clinical trials in collaboration with international industrial leading partners. The 2CA-Braga combines a team of researchers, physicians and other health professionals, to which is associated a team of project managers, nurses and clinical trials coordinators/monitors, ensuring a fully professional management structure to the 2CA-Braga. The implemented strategy allows the 2CA-Braga to conduct:

- Clinical Research Projects (projects funded by the European Commission - FP7 - or nationally, by the FCT);
- Clinical Trials;
- Observational Studies;
- Clinical Validation Studies.

For additional information please contact us at: icvslabs@med.uminho.pt 

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