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Barbara Alemar B, Palmero EI, Carraro DM, Moreira M, Ribeiro-dos-Santos A, Abe-Sandes K, Galvão H, Reis RM, Padua Souza C, Campacci N, Achatz MI, Brianese RC, Seunanez H, Bernard P, Herzog J, Weitzel J, Ashton-Prolla P. The germline mutational landscape of BRCA1 and BRCA2 in Brazil. Scientific Reports 8(1):9188 (2018)

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Queirós S, Morais P, Dubois C, Voigt J, Fonseca JC, Vilaça JL, D'hooge J. Validation of a novel software tool for automatic aortic annular sizing in 3D transesophageal echocardiographic images. Journal of the American Society of Echocardiography 31(4):515-525 (2018)

Silva VAO, Alves AL, Rosa MN, Silva L, Melendez ME, Cury F, Gomes I, Tansini A, Longato G, Martinho O, Oliveira BG, Pinto F, Romão W, Ribeiro R, Reis RM. Hexane partition from Annona crassiflora Mart. promotes cytotoxity and apoptosis on human cervical cancer cell lines. Investigational New Drugs (2018) [Epub ahead of print]

Silva VAO, Rosa M, Miranda-Gonçalves V, Costa AM, Tansini A, Evangelista AF, Martinho O, Carloni A, Jones C, Lima JP, Pianowski L, Reis RM. Euphol, a tetracyclic triterpene, from Euphorbia tirucalli induces autophagy and sensitizes temozolomide cytotoxicity on glioblastoma cells. Investigational New Drugs (2018) [Epub ahead of print] 

Soares AC, Soares JC, Rodrigues VC, Follmann HDM, Arantes LMRB, Carvalho AC, Melendez ME, Fregnani JHTG, Reis RM, Carvalho AL, Oliveira ON. Microfluidic-Based Genosensor to Detect Human Papillomavirus (HPV16) for Head and Neck Cancer. ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 10(43):36757-36763 (2018)

Soares AC, Soares JC, Shimizu FM, Rodrigues VC, Awan IT, Melendez ME, Piazzetta MH, Gobbi ML, Reis RM, Fregnani JH, Carvalho AL, Oliveira ON. A simple architecture with self-assembled monolayers to build immunosensors for detecting the pancreatic cancer biomarker CA19-9. Analyst 143(14):3302-3308 (2018)

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Ferreira MJ, Pires-Luís AS, Vieira-Coimbra M, Costa-Pinheiro P, Antunes L, Dias PC, Lobo F, Oliveira J, Gonçalves CS, Costa BM, Henrique R, Jerónimo C. SETDB2 and RIOX2 are differentially expressed among renal cell tumor subtypes, associating with prognosis and metastization. Epigenetics 12(12):1057-1064 (2017)

Ferreira NN, Ferreira LMB, Miranda-Gonçalves V, Reis RM, Seraphim TV, Borges JC, Baltazar F, Gremião MPD. Alginate hydrogel improves anti-angiogenic bevacizumab activity in cancer therapy. European Journal of Pharmaceutics and Biopharmaceutics 119:271-282 (2017)

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