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The Population Health Research Domain (PopHealth) was established in 2018 to foster research and training in Epidemiology, Public Health and related areas. Aligned with the School of Medicine’s goals, its mission is to contribute to improve health promotion and healthcare delivery to regional and national populations.

PopHealth’s research is supported by a multidisciplinary team with expertise in psychology, educational sciences, nutrition, epidemiology, immunology, endocrinology, digital medicine, statistics, mathematical modelling and economics. These researchers work in close cooperation with other ICVS Research Domains, the School of Medicine, affiliated healthcare providers and the Clinical Academic Center. 

Research in the PopHealth domain targets two main areas: specific chronic disorders and health promotion. Projects on chronic disorders address the assessment/epidemiology and management of non-communicable disorders (such as asthma, obesity, hypertension, chronic pain, multiple sclerosis, diabetes and neoplasia), and infectious diseases (such as HIV/AIDS and tuberculosis). Projects on health promotion address determinants of healthy ageing, strategies to cope with chronic stress in the working environment, and the impact of nutritional supplements in fetal and newborn development.

The PopHealth Research Domain is expected to generate knowledge and tools (educational, informatics, technological) that health authorities and stakeholders may use to improve health-related policies.

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