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Name: Cristina Mota

Office: I2.03

School Phone: +351 604 835

Email: cristinamota@med.uminho.pt




Keywords: Aging Memory impairments Stress Cognitive training


Cristina Mota graduated in Biochemistry by the University of Porto in 2009 and completed her MSc in Health and Science by the University of Minho in 2011. Currently, she is doing her PhD in Ageing and Degeneration of Complex Biological Systems (PhDESC-Inter-University Doctoral Programme) in ICVS. Her research is focused in understanding the process of normal brain aging, assessing the factors that can modulate it and contribute to its heterogeneity. She has expertise in rodent behavior, electrophysiology and stereology.


The role of the immune system in mood disorders and cognition  

Selected Publications

Lima A, Sardinha VM, Oliveira AF, Reis M, Mota C, Silva MA, Marques F, Cerqueira JJ, Pinto L, Sousa N, Oliveira JF. Astrocyte pathology in the prefrontal cortex impairs the cognitive function of rats. Mol Psych, 19:834-841

Pinto V, Costa JC, Morgado P, Mota C, Miranda A, Bravo FV, Oliveira TG, Cerqueira JJ, Sousa N. Differential impact of chronic stress along the hippocampal dorsal-ventral axis. Brain Struct Funct, 220(2):1205-1212 (2015).

Monteiro S, Ferreira F, Pinto V, Roque S, Morais M, Sá-Calçada D, Mota C, Correia-Neves M, Cerqueira JJ. Absence of IFN? promotes hippocampal plasticity and enhances cognitive performance. Transl Psychiat, 6:e707 (2016).

Pinheiro S, Silva J, Mota C, Vaz-Silva J, Veloso A, Pinto V, Sousa N, Cerqueira J, Sotiropoulos I. Tau mislocation in glucocorticoid-triggered hippocampal pathology. Mol Neurobiol, 53(7):4745-4753 (2016)

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