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Alves ND, Patrício P, Correia JS, Mateus-Pinheiro A, Machado-Santos AR, Loureiro-Campos E, Morais M, Bessa JM, Sousa N, Pinto L. Chronic stress targets adult neurogenesis preferentially in the suprapyramidal blade of the rat dorsal dentate gyrus. Brain Structure and Function 223(1):415-428 (2018)

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Esteves M, Magalhães R, Marques P, Castanho TC, Portugal-Nunes C, Soares JM, Almeida A, Santos NC, Sousa N, Leite-Almeida H. Functional Hemispheric (A)symmetries in the Aged Brain-Relevance for Working Memory. Frontiers in Aging Neuroscience 10:58 (2018)

Esteves S, Oliveira S, Duarte-Silva S, Cunha-Garcia D, Teixeira-Castro A, Maciel P. Preclinical evidence supporting early initiation of citalopram treatment in Machado-Joseph disease. Molecular Neurobiology (2018) [Epub ahead of print]

Ferreira AC, Santos T, Sampaio-Marques B, Novais A, Mesquita SD, Ludovico P, Bernardino L, Correia-Neves M, Sousa N, Palha JA, Sousa JC, Marques F. Lipocalin-2 regulates adult neurogenesis and contextual discriminative behaviours. Molecular Psychiatry 23(4):1031-1039 (2018)

Gomes ED, Mendes SS, Assunção-Silva RC, Teixeira FG, Pires AO, Anjo SI, Manadas B, Leite-Almeida H, Gimble JM, Sousa N, Lepore AC, Silva NA, Salgado AJ. Co-Transplantation of Adipose Tissue-Derived Stromal Cells and Olfactory Ensheathing Cells for Spinal Cord Injury Repair. Stem Cells 36(5):696-708 (2018)

Gonçalves CS, Vieira de Castro J, Pojo M, Martins EP, Queirós S, Chautard E, Taipa R, Pires MM, Pinto AA, Pardal F, Custódia C, Faria CC, Clara C, Reis RM, Sousa N, Costa BM. WNT6 is a Novel Oncogenic Prognostic Biomarker in Human Glioblastoma. Theranostics 8(17):4805-4823 (2018)

Magalhães R, Barrière DA, Novais A, Marques F, Marques P, Cerqueira J, Sousa JC, Cachia A, Boumezbeur F, Bottlaender M, Jay TM, Mériaux S, Sousa N. The dynamics of stress: a longitudinal MRI study of rat brain structure and connectome. Molecular Psychiatry (2018) [Epub ahead of print]

Mancini A, Xavier-Magalhães A, Woods WS, Nguyen KT, Amen AM, Hayes JL, Fellmann C, Gapinske M, McKinney AM, Hong C, Jones LE, Walsh KM, Bell RJA, Doudna JA, Costa BM, Song JS, Perez-Pinera P, Costello JF. Disruption of the β1L isoform of GABP reverses glioblastoma replicative immortality in a TERT promoter mutation-dependent manner. Cancer Cell 34(3):513-528 (2018)

Miranda AM, Lasiecka ZM, Xu Y, Neufeld J, Shahriar S, Simoes S, Chan RB, Oliveira TG, Small SA, Di Paolo G. Neuronal lysosomal dysfunction releases exosomes harboring APP C-terminal fragments and unique lipid signatures. Nature Communications 9:291 (2018)

Monteiro P, Barak B, Zhou Y, McRae R, Rodrigues D, Wickersham IR, Feng G. Dichotomous parvalbumin interneuron populations in dorsolateral and dorsomedial striatum. The Journal of Physiology 596(16):3695-3707 (2018)

Pinto PR, McIntyre T, Araújo-Soares V, Almeida A, Costa P. Psychological factors predict an unfavorable pain trajectory after hysterectomy: a prospective cohort study on chronic post-surgical pain. Pain 159(5):956-967 (2018)

Pinto PR, Paredes AC, Moreira P, Fernandes S, Lopes M, Carvalho M, Almeida A. Emotional distress in haemophilia: Factors associated with the presence of anxiety and depression symptoms among adults. Haemophilia 24(5):e344-e353 (2018)

Puga S, Cardoso V, Pinto-Ribeiro F, Pacheco M, Almeida A, Pereira P. Brain morphometric profiles and their seasonal modulation in fish (Liza aurata) inhabiting a mercury contaminated estuary. Environmental Pollution 237:318-328 (2018)

Taipa R, Ferreira V, Brochado P, Robinson A, Reis I, Marques F, Mann DM, Melo-Pires M, Sousa N. Inflammatory pathology markers (activated microglia and reactive astrocytes) in early and late onset Alzheimer disease: a post mortem study. Neuropathology and Applied Neurobiology 44(3):298-313 (2018)

Vaz-Silva J, Gomes P, Jin Q, Zhu M, Zhuravleva V, Quintremil S, Meira T, Silva J, Dioli C, Soares-Cunha C, Daskalakis NP, Sousa N, Sotiropoulos I, Waites CL. Endolysosomal degradation of Tau and its role in glucocorticoid-driven hippocampal malfunction. The EMBO Journal 37(20):e99084 (2018)

Vieira N, Bessa C, Rodrigues AJ, Marques P, Chan FY, de Carvalho AX, Correia-Neves M, Sousa N. Sorting nexin 3 mutation impairs development and neuronal function in Caenorhabditis elegans. Cellular and Molecular Life Sciences 75(11):2027-2044 (2018)


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Coimbra B, Soares-Cunha C, Borges S, Vasconcelos NAP, Sousa N, Rodrigues AJ. Impairments in laterodorsal tegmentum to VTA projections underlie glucocorticoid triggered reward deficits. eLIFE 6:e25843 (2017)

Dioli C, Patrício P, Trindade R, Pinto LG, Silva JM, Morais M, Ferreiro E, Borges S, Mateus-Pinheiro A, Rodrigues AJ, Sousa N, Bessa JM, Pinto L, Sotiropoulos I. Tau-dependent suppression of adult neurogenesis in the stressed hippocampus. Molecular Psychiatry 22(8):1110-1118 (2017)

Esteves M, Marques P, Magalhães R, Castanho TC, Soares JM, Almeida A, Santos NC, Sousa N, Leite-Almeida H. Structural laterality is associated with cognitive and mood outcomes: An assessment of 105 healthy aged volunteers. Neuroimage 153:86-96 (2017)

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Machado DR, Afonso DJ, Kenny AR, Öztu Rk-Çolak A, Moscato EH, Mainwaring B, Kayser M, Koh K. Identification of octopaminergic neurons that modulate sleep suppression by male sex drive. eLIFE 6:e23130 (2017)

Mackay A, Burford A, (...) Reis RM, (…) Resnick A, Jones C. Integrated Molecular Meta-Analysis of 1,000 Pediatric High-Grade and Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma. Cancer Cell 32(4):520-537.e5 (2017)

Mateus-Pinheiro A, Alves ND, Patricio P, Machado-Santos AR, Campos E, Silva J, Sardinha V, Reis, J, Schorle H, Oliveira JF, Ninkovic J, Sousa N, Pinto L. AP2γ controls adult hippocampal neurogenesis and modulates cognitive, but not anxiety or depressive-like behavior. Molecular Psychiatry 22(12):1725-1734 (2017)

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Monteiro S, Roque S, Marques F, Correia-Neves M, Cerqueira JJ. Brain interference: Revisiting the role of IFNγ in the central nervous system. Progress in Neurobiology 156:149-163 (2017)

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Sardinha VM, Guerra-Gomes S, Caetano I, Tavares G, Martins M, Reis JS, Correia JS, Teixeira-Castro A, Pinto L, Sousa N, Oliveira JF. Astrocytic signaling supports hippocampal–prefrontal theta synchronization and cognitive function. Glia 65(12):1944-1960 (2017)

Sevivas N, Teixeira FG, Portugal R, Araújo L, Carriço LF, Ferreira N, Vieira da Silva M, Espregueira-Mendes J, Anjo S, Manadas B, Sousa N, Salgado AJ. Mesenchymal Stem Cell Secretome: A Potential Tool for the Prevention of Muscle Degenerative Changes Associated With Chronic Rotator Cuff Tears. American Journal of Sports Medicine 45(1):179-188 (2017)

Silva A, Almeida B, Fraga JS, Taboada P, Martins PM, Macedo-Ribeiro S. Distribution of amyloid-like and oligomeric species from protein aggregation kinetics. Angewandte Chemie - International Edition 56(45):14042-14045 (2017)

Zemel BM, Muqeem T, Brown EV, Goulão M, Urban MW, Tymanskyj SR, Lepore AC, Covarrubias M. Calcineurin Dysregulation Underlies Spinal Cord Injury-Induced K+ Channel Dysfunction in DRG Neurons. Journal of Neuroscience 37(34):8256-8272 (2017)


Barateiro A, Afonso V, Santos G, Cerqueira JJ, Brites D, van Horssen J, Fernandes A. S100B as a Potential Biomarker and Therapeutic Target in Multiple Sclerosis. Molecular Neurobiology 53(6):3976-3991 (2016)

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