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Name: Ana Isabel Oliveira

Office: I1.02

School Phone: +351 604 837

Email: id6181@alunos.uminho.pt




Keywords: Cancer Epigenetics Cell Biology Neuro-oncology


Ana Oliveira graduated in Biology in 2007 and completed her MSc degree in Biology in March 2009 by the University of Porto. Currently she is a PhD student working at the Life and Health Sciences Research Institute (ICVS), University of Minho (Portugal).


2011-2012  Research Fellowship under EpiDiaCan-FP7-HEALTH-2009project (Portuguese Oncology Institute, Porto)

2013  Research Fellowship under PTDC/SAU-GMG/113795/2009project (Life and Health Sciences Research Institute, University of Minho)

2014  PhD scholarship under Inter-UniversityDoctoral Programme in Ageing and Chronic Disease (PhD OC) from PortugueseScience Foundation (FCT)

Publications List

Oliveira A, Pereira C, Soares da Costa D, Teixeira J, Fidalgo F,Pereira S, Pissarra J (2010) Characterization of aspartic proteinases in C. Cardunculus L. callus tissue for itsprospective transformation. Plant Science178, 140-146.


Oliveira AI, Jerónimo C, Henrique R (2012) Moving forward in bladder cancer detection and diagnosis: The role ofepigenetic biomarkers. Expert Review ofMolecular Diagnosis 12(8), 871–878.

Baptista T, Graça I,Sousa EJ, Oliveira AI, Costa NR,Costa-Pinheiro P, Amado F, Henrique R, Jerónimo C (2013) Regulation of histoneH2A.Z expression is mediated by sirtuin 1 in prostate cancer. Oncotarget 4(10), 1673-1685.

Junqueira-Neto S, Vieira FQ,Montezuma D, Costa NR, Antunes L, Baptista T, Oliveira AI, Graça I, Rodrigues A, Magalhães JS, Oliveira J, HenriqueR, Jerónimo C (2013) Phenotypic impact of deregulated expression of class Ihistone deacetylases in urothelial cell carcinoma of the bladder. Molecular carcinogenesis (doi:10.1002/mc.22117)

HenriqueR, Oliveira AI, Costa VL, BaptistaT, Martins AT, Morais A, Oliveira J, Jerónimo C (2013) Epigenetic regulation ofMDR1 gene through post-translational histone modifications in prostate cancer.BMC genomics 14, 898 (doi:10.1186/1471-2164-14-898)

Selected Publications

Pojo M, Gonçalves CS, Xavier-Magalhães A, Oliveira AI, Gonçalves T, Correia S, Rodrigues AJ, Costa S, Pinto L, Pinto AA, Lopes JM, Reis RM, Rocha M, Sousa N, Costa BM. A transcriptomic signature mediated by HOXA9 promotes human glioblastoma initiation, aggressiveness and resistance to temozolomide. Oncotarget, 6(10):7657-7674 (2015).

Gonçalves CS, Xavier-Magalhães A, Pojo M, Oliveira AI, Correia S, Reis RM, Sousa N, Rocha M, Costa BM. Transcriptional profiling of HOXA9-regulated genes in human glioblastoma cell models. Genomics Data, 5:54–58 (2015).

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