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Name: Rita Catarina Silva

Office: I2.01

School Phone: +351 604 956

Email: id5818@alunos.uminho.pt




Keywords: Regenerative Medicine - Nervous system- Biomaterials - Stem Cells - Secretome


Rita Silva MSc is a biomedical engineer that performed her MSc in Biomedical Engineering at the Faculty of Engineering of Porto (FEUP). Her MSc work consisted in the development of three-dimensional (3D) fibrin-based hydrogels seeded with embryonic stem cells for the treament of spinal cord injury and it was carried out at the Instituto de Engenharia Biomédica (INEB) in Porto.

Currently, she is a fellowship researcher at the Life and Health Sciences Research Institute (ICVS). Her research interests are related with the development of new therapeutic approaches for central nervous system (CNS) regeneration. By using specificaly functionalized 3D hydrogels for Mesenchymal stem cell (MSC) transplantation, her present and future aims are to enrich MSC secretome and therefore modulate MSC activity for CNS therapeutic purposes.

Selected Publications

Assunção Silva R, Costa-Oliveira C, Ziv-Polat O, Gomes ED, Sahar N, Sousa N, Silva NA, Salgado AJ. Induction of 3D Neurite Outgrowth in 3D Hydrogel–Based Environments. Biomed Mater, 10(5):051001 (2015).

Assunção Silva-R*, Gomes ED*, Sousa N, Silva NA, Salgado AJ. Hydrogels and Cell based Therapies in Spinal Cord Injury Regeneration. Stem Cells Int, 2015:948040 (2015).

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