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Name: Fernando José Santos Rodrigues

Office: I3.06

School Phone: +351 253 604 814

Email: frodrigues@med.uminho.pt




Keywords: Fungal virulence factors Genetic susceptibility to infection


Fernando Rodrigues received a BSc in Biological Engineering from University of Minho, Portugal, in 1995. He received a MSc in Microbial Molecular Genetics in 1998, and a PhD in Biological Sciences in 2001, from the same University. His dissertation work involved the characterization of molecular bases associated with the resistance of the food spoilage yeast Zygosaccharomyces bailii to acidic environments, under the supervision of Dr. Manuela Côrte-Real and Dr. Cecília Leão. During his MSc and PhD, he was a visiting scientist in the Kluyver Laboratory for Biotechnology, Delft University of Technology, working with Dr. Jack Pronk and in the Institute of Molecular Plant Sciences, Clusius Laboratory, Leiden University, The Netherlands, working with Dr. Yde Steensma. He joined the faculty of School of Health Sciences, University of Minho, Portugal, in 2001, being currently an Associate Professor.
Fernando Rodrigues integrates the Infectious Diseases domain of Life and Health Sciences Research Institute (ICVS), from the School of Health Sciences, at the University of Minho. His principal goal is to contribute for the elucidation of mechanisms underlying invasive fungal infections, namely 1) the pathogenicity of the infectious agent (particularly in Paracoccidioides spp), and 2) the contribution of host genetic variations within the fine-tuning immune mechanisms that account for an increased risk among the high-risk of immunosuppressed patients.


Development of molecular tools in Paracoccidioides brasiliensis: towards identification and characterization of virulent factors (Leader) 

Evaluation of immune-determinants associated with resistance/susceptibility to Paracoccidioides brasiliensis: a mouse model perspective (Leader) 

Functional impact of allelic variants of metabolic genes under positive selection in the fitness of Mycobacterium tuberculosis (Leader) 

Computational Molecular Biology and Evolution of the Mycobacterium tuberculosis Complex  

Genetic determinants of TB resistance: the IL-12 family of cytokines  

Host pathogen interactions in Mycobacterium ulcerans infection - Buruli Ulcer  

Importance of Plasmodium falciparum ABC transporters in antimalarial drug resistance  

Modulating bacteriostasis in M. tuberculosis infection: impact of the microbiome  

Pathogen Diversity and Epitope-based Immunoinformatics in Tuberculosis  

Weak acid resistance in yeasts: better food preservative conditions and improvement of Saccharomyces cerevisiae fitness for industrial applications  

Selected Publications

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Lind AL, Wisecaver JH, Lameiras C, Wiemann P, Palmer JM, Keller NP, Rodrigues F, Goldman GH, Rokas A. "Drivers of genetic diversity in secondary metabolic gene clusters within a fungal species". PLoS Biol. 2017 Nov 17;15(11):e2003583

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Osório, Nuno S., Fernando Rodrigues, Sebastien Gagneux, Jorge Pedrosa, Marta Pinto-Carbó, António G. Castro, Douglas Young, Iñaki Comas, and Margarida Saraiva. "Evidence for diversifying selection in a set of Mycobacterium tuberculosis genes in response to antibiotic and non-antibiotic related pressure." Molecular Biology and Evolution (2013) 30 (6): 1326-1336. doi: 10.1093/molbev/mst038

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