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According to the plan designed for the launching of the ICVS/3B’s Associate Laboratory (AL), an External Advisory Committee (EAC) was established for the ICVS/3B’s, composed by an international panel of experts in relevant scientific and technological areas of Health Sciences and Materials Science and Engineering. This EAC exercises functions of internal evaluation/counselling and monitors all the ICVS/3B’s activities, actively supporting the design, supervision and implementation of actions needed to achieve its mission. In 2013, the members of the EAC received a detailed activity report of the ICVS activities, identifying the achievements and the constraints, as well as a Strategic Program for 2015-2020.
Recently, the EAC was involved in two site visits to the AL, in October 2013 and January 2014. During the visits, the members of the EAC had the opportunity to visit the ICVS and the 3B’s facilities, as well as to interact with the different bodies: Direction Board; Principal Investigators; Researchers; and Postgraduate students.

EAC Report 2017 ICVS_3Bs

EAC Report 2017

EAC Report 2014

EAC Report 2013

EAC Report 2009

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